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Home to the second largest medical facility in the Air Force, Keesler's Medical Center with a staff of approximately 2,000 is also a training facility educating doctors, nurses and technicians in a variety of medical specialties.


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Keesler AFB is one of the largest technical training wings in the United States Air Force


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(September 25, 2006)

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Keesler Air Force Base

The Keesler Air Force Base is located in Biloxi, Mississippi. The base is headquarters of the eighty-first Training Wing, and is the training center for airmen who have just completed basic training as well as additional training they will need for future assignments.
Keesler AFB may accommodate up to 5000 students on base at any time. A lot of the instruction they receive is in the field of electronics, such as cryptography, ground radio, and wideband maintenance. The Base also houses the 81st Medical Group, and runs the second largest Air Force medical center. The 45th Airlift Squadron, which provides the only C-21 training in AETC, is also located at the Keesler Air Force Base. Another group found at Keesler is the Air Force Reserve Command's 403d Wing, which provides airlift support as well as serving as parent to the 53d Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, the famousHurricane Hunters.
Keesler Air Force Base Keesler AFB is one of the principal technical training wings in the USAF, and in Air Education and Training Command (AETC). On August 29, 2005 Keesler received a direct hit from Hurricane Katrina, which made its third Gulf Coast landfall as a Category 3 storm about 30 miles west. Even though Hurricane Hunter planes and non-essential personnel had been withdrawn beforehand, "drastic damage" was sustained by the bases housing and industrial sections. Because of the storm surge about 50% of the base flooded; the commissary, base exchange and some base housing units came under more than six feet of water. By August 31, however, relief flights were landing at the base.